bigdebian kubernetes debugging

Sometimes you need to break out the big guns when it comes to debugging. debian:12 is unfortunately missing a bunch of basic tools to keep the image size and attack surface area small. I spent a good while looking for a ready-to-go container with everything I wanted but ended up making my own as a known quantity. Im calling it “bigdebian”.

Its just normal debian:12 with some extra packages. Check out the Dockerfile.

Published image

  • hosted on
  • Builds automatically on pushes to my git repository
  • Know a way to rebuild when upstream debian:12 is republished? Please add a comment!
  • I believe its possible to build off upstream publishes on Docker Hub but not on
  • I like so I build there 🙂

Using the image


If your running plain docker this isnt hugely useful since you can normally run apt or whatever to get extra packages but here it is anyway:

docker run -ti


A self contained full-fat debian image that runs in kubernetes with no additional downloads needed. Quick and easy and includes a bunch of handy tools to debug networking:

To run in Kubernetes just create a Pod:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: bigdebian
  namespace: default
  - name: bigdebian
    command: [/usr/bin/sleep]
    args: [infinity]

And then of course just exec to it:

kubectl exec -ti bigdebian -- bash

Have lots of fun!


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