Docker and K3d on macOS with bridged networking

Want to test Kubernetes but dont have a spare PC and want to save money on your cloud bill?

Run kubernetes locally with Docker and K3d. Normally theres no bridge networking so you have to port-forward to get data in and out of the cluster. These instructions let you reach kubernetes services as if you were working with “normal” kubernetes running on EKS or a Linux server, like this:

Theres a few moving parts to this. These instructions building on my macOS on AWS instructions in order to have a macOS to work on. If you already have one, you can jump straight to the setup instructions:

  1. Setup apps
  2. Setup docker
  3. Setup k3d

If you follow the steps and see the teapot you’ve got it all working. From here you can setup some very complicated systems in K8s without having to use AWS until you hit performance problems.

This all works because of the magic in docker-mac-net-connect

Have lots of fun!

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