3D Printed toilet paper?

Declarative Systems specialise in infrastructure and business solutions but also experiment with developing technologies. One of those being 3D printing.

Over in the Czech Republic, Prusa Research are doing some great things with this technology. If you have design skills and/or access to a lot of materials you should seriously consider getting involved.

While 3D printers can’t hope to compete with production vs injection moulding, their unbeatable for prototype or limited run objects and enable even novice designers to go from concept to solid object in a matter of hours.

Lets solve the toilet paper shortage by making a Tabo as used in the Philippines:

Time Task
2hrs Learn Tinkercad and design object
10mins Slice CAD file and setup print job
6hrs Print object

Total time from concept to object: ~9hrs

Want to try this yourself?

If your stuck at home why not have a go at 3D design and see if you can solve some other problems? If you don’t have your own printer, you can get someone else to print for you:

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