PE_Kit - Demo Puppet Enterprise without an engineer

Do you need to sell a complicated product to customers and have to take Sales Engineer out on trips to do basic demos to Sales Qualified Leads?

Before Declarative Systems existed, there was PE_Kit, a GUI for demoing Puppet Enterprise in seconds, not minutes. PE_Kit still works and is 100% open source software (Apache 2.0 license). Demonstrate Puppet Enterprise just by clicking the big button that says “Puppet Enterprise Console”? You betcha!


Why use PE_Kit?

  • Two node Puppet Enterprise system up and running in the time it takes PuppetServer to start
  • Get a root terminal on each node instantly, just by clicking the buttons

How does PE_Kit reduce your sales cycle for Puppet Enterprise?

  • Demo Puppet Enterprise without an engineer
  • Built-in slide deck - just press the button and talk through it while the demo loads
  • Need to test something out in Puppet for a customer? You can be testing code samples in seconds not minutes
  • Runs on a laptop with no Internet Access required - perfect for situations where you can’t get a signal
  • Instant reset between customers - just restart the App

What are the alternatives?

  • Custom stacks in Vagrant or hand-rolled
  • Custom stacks in the cloud

The problems with these approaches is that their either hard to use or fragile or both. You 100% have to be an engineer to get them to do anything useful, even if your amazing at sales and know exactly what to say to the customer.

PE_Kit is the only specialised demo tool out there with a big button that says “Puppet Enterprise Console”

Want to demo something else?

Are you a vendor with a complex product that’s hard to demo? Interested in cutting costs and increasing useful output by using your sales engineers more productively?

Email [email protected] to discuss how we can customise PE_Kit to work with your own product.

Try it out

Want to try PE_Kit with Puppet Enterprise? Email [email protected] for (free) access to the Docker images.

PE_Kit works fine on Linux but might need a little work to get back up to date for the mac. Windows isn’t currently supported but could be.

Try PE_Kit

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