Docker Shell

You can use docker attach to connect to a running docker process but I always seem to get a blank screen when I try this, probably because I refuse to stick to the one-process-per-container paradigm to do tricks with systemd.

There’s another way of getting a terminal on a docker container and thats to run the command:

docker exec -ti [CONTAINER-ID] bash

Thanks Stack Overflow!

Shell function

That’s a fair few arguments to remember though and I’d like to be able to connect to my docker instances easily, especially since running ssh daemons inside of every container is considered the work of the devil

With a small bash function, I can make my life a lot easier. I’ve created a simple shell function that wraps the above command in something easier to use.


Copy and paste the script below into the ~/.bashrc file of the user your run docker as (if running via sudo, you will likely have issues)

Then logout and back in again.


After installation, you will have a new docker subcommand: shell:

docker shell CONTAINER_ID

Thats all there is to it - now you can get access to a shell on your container just as easily as typing vagrant ssh foo ;-)

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